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Our Outstanding Team Members

Meet The New Hires

Brennan Truitt

Truitt started as our Construction Warehouse Intern on January 8, 2024. Truitt is from Evansville, Indiana. He looks forward to working during school and gaining new experience. His favorite part of the job is getting to talk to people. Before ProTherm Supply, Truitt spent time in school learning about the materials used, which has helped him feel more prepared to take on this new role. When asked who inspires him the most, Truitt said, “Me, myself, and I.” Outside of work, he enjoys hanging out with friends.

Austin VanHoosier

VanHoosier started as our Construction Warehouse Associate on October 16, 2023. VanHoosier is from Boonville, Indiana and received an associate degree from Ivy Tech. He is excited that every day at ProTherm Supply will be a new day with something different to do. His favorite part of the job is that no day is the same. Before ProTherm Supply, VanHoosier worked as a dump truck driver at a coal mine, so he has a lot of driving experience. When asked who inspires him the most, Hastings said, “My kids.” Outside of work, he enjoys hunting and spending time with family.

Emily Hastings

Hastings started as our Inventory and Purchasing Assistant on October 2, 2023. Hastings is from Cleveland, Ohio, but she recently moved to Henderson, Kentucky to be closer to her boyfriend’s family. She is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Her family has been a part of the insulation field for generations, so she is excited to continue to learn more about the industry. Before Gribbins, Hastings was the Branch Manager for Bay Insulation Supply (Cleveland) and gained knowledge on products, purchasing, and billing, while also establishing relationships with vendors. When asked who inspires her the most, Hastings said, “My niece and nephew inspire me every day.” Outside of work, she likes to cook and watch Ohio State play.

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